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RP with [ profile] anybodyneedme

Setting coordinates on the TARDIS was an art. Anyone could call it a science, they could put anything they wanted into books and manuals, but to truly fly a TARDIS properly, one had to have the passion, the muse, the pure fire that came with a love of travel.

They also needed a hand brake, which the Doctor just accidentally pulled out of the TARDIS during a spot of high turbulence.

"This isn't going to be pretty!" he called over the console, working to initiate an air-brakes procedure that he hadn't actually managed before. It couldn't be that hard, though. Could it?

"Hold on!" He tugged a few more switches, and the TARDIS landed, roughly, about where he wanted.

"There! That wasn't so bad!"

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All of this was exciting and every once in a while she needed to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Almost every dream she had involved the Doctor and his phone box time machine.

Amy was pulled from her thoughts when she felt herself stumbling around and braced herself against something solid. Her eyes were closed tightly. This was going to take some getting used to; maybe they needed to practice landing the TARDIS?

When they finally landed, she cracked open an eye and looked around. "Am I still alive?"

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"Nothing broken," the Doctor replied, only half-acknowledging her as he darted around the console, checking on the TARDIS's vitals. "No concussion, no injuries and---ah. The TARDIS appears to have landed us on a waterfall. So..."

He looked back at his companion apologetically.

"Hold on tight."

The turbulence started again as the ship took a plummet down the long drop outside.

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She pulled herself away from the wall and looked around. Quickly she looked herself before she looked him over. Amy's eyes widened when he said something about a waterfall. She was about to press herself against a wall again, but she didn't move fast enough.

The sudden motion caused her to fly towards the Doctor and she clung to him.

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The Doctor wrapped an arm around Amy and gripped onto the side of the console as the TARDIS shook. He grinned at her, then let out a laugh as the monitor screen flashed with the sign that they'd landed.

"Whoo-hoo!" he cried, gleefully. "Now that is the only way to see an interspacial waterfall."

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"I'm glad you are enjoying yourself," she said with slightly annoyance. When she felt it was safe, she pushed herself away from him and straightened herself out.

"Are we safe or should I find somewhere to hide until we are?"

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"Oh, we're in the Delta Quadrant of Tessy Major," the Doctor said, as if this all made total sense to someone (and to him, it did). "Nowhere is safe."

He ran across the console room towards the door, clearly pleased with himself. "Come on, Pond! Better than a planet, I'll give you a dual-planet system!"

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"Of course nowhere is safe, but I'd like to know that I'm not going to die from being slammed against the control panel." She had no idea what he was talking about, but she was going along with it.

"Ooooh, a dual-planet system. How exciting!" She hurried to where he was and peeked over his shoulder to look out the door.

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Outside was a jungle-like world with vast, sparkling oceans and a clear night sky. The Doctor nodded upwards, where their waterfall crashed down behind the TARDIS. It was more than just a waterfall, it was a waterfall that fell from the planet directly above them into the great river the TARDIS now floated on.

"Dual planet system. Symbiotic relationship between the two worlds keeps them moving and rotating around one very large red giant you can't actually see from here but it's about sixty times the size of your sun. Completely wild world. Untamed. Dangerous in all the right ways."

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"This is amazing," she said in a hushed voice from over his shoulder. There were places like this on Earth but knowing the whole world was like this was indescribable. Amy stepped out of the TARDIS so that she could get a better look at everything that was around them.

"Will we be able to see the sun at all?" She turned around to get a look at him. There was a smile plastered to her face that went from ear-to-ear. "How wild? Are there any humanoid creatures here?"

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"We should!" the Doctor said, excitedly. "Five hour days for these worlds. The sun should be coming up within an hour or so."

He pointed up to the second planet. "There are ice fields on the top of Tessy Minor, full of some of the most intellectual species in the universe. The Sensorites, colonized here some ten thousand years ago. Mostly humanoid. On this world, they have intelligent flowers and savage but moderately intelligent serpentine creatures in the water. We'll need to be careful when we hit land, don't want to disturb one of their nests. They nest in the mud, then swim out to hunt."

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"I've always wondered what it would be like to experience a sunrise on another planet," she was a little giddy, but that faded a little when he mentioned danger. Really that was something that she needed to keep in mind at all times, but it was hard to go get overwhelmed by the amazing sounds and sights that he promised her.

"Well, Doctor, we should get going. I'd hate to waste what time we have."

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As she spoke, he hopped back inside and pulled an oar out from underneath the console. He stepped back to the door.

"Get going? But we just got here!" he said, looking particularly crestfallen. "And it's brilliant, isn't it? Wrong, of course. But brilliant. And I've got this, so we can steer the TARDIS to the closest bank without hitting a nest."

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"I didn't mean leave the planet," she eyed the oar before stepping away from the door so he could have some room. "It was in the, let's get going to have more adventures, sort of way."

She switched sides so she could lean against something and look out at what was passing by.

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"Well, good. The TARDIS took quite a smack to the water with that landing, I think we'll let her rest before we take off again. And did I mention wrong? I'm beginning to think something's very wrong with the whole universe." He leaned down to a crouch in the doorway and stuck the oar out, awkwardly paddling the TARDIS towards the shoreline. He grinned once the ship caught some speed, and gestured outside.

"Star sailers," he said, nodding. Sparkling bird-like creatures soared up from the waterfall, spiraling around it towards the upper planet.

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"What do you think is wrong with the universe?" She moved her gaze from outside towards him. If he thought there was something wrong then there must be. He was more in tuned with the universe than she was and it would make sense that he would notice if something was off.

When he mentioned something outside, Amy moved so that she was behind him and glanced out. "They're beautiful," she said in a hushed voice and tried to lean forward a little, like it would give her a better view of them.

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"I don't know," he admitted. "Yet. But we'll figure it out together, eh, Pond?"

He had a number of ideas and most of them involved the girl standing over him. He couldn't talk to her about it. Not yet. Not until he knew more about the crack in her bedroom and what she did to electronic devices when she stood near them.

He'd figure it out.

"Careful," he said, tapping her leg. "Don't want you falling out."

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"I'm sure it'll be you doing most of the figuring out. You are the Doctor after all," she said down to him and patted his head for a moment before bracing herself again.

In her mind the crack in the wall was just a coincidence and without it she felt like she wouldn't have met him. It was both a blessing and a curse. She doubted that she would be the woman she was today if it wasn't for the Doctor and even though people thought she was completely bonkers for believing in him, she was happy that she never gave up.

"Oi, I'm not going to fall out," she said and pulled herself in. Even if she said she wasn't there was a good chance that she would fall out.

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"I am that good," he agreed. It was worrying, though. How much could he do? How much didn't he know? How far was it to the shore, exactly?

"Good, because that's really not something you want to do," he said. "The water here's about ten miles deep, and you can see some of the serpents from here, look---"

He leaned over to gesture at the water and found that the balance he had a moment earlier was suddenly gone. With a splash, the Doctor and the oar fell overboard.

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"You are also the man," she said as she stifled a laugh. That was something that she was never going to forget.

Amy's eyes widened as she saw the Doctor starting to fall. She reached out for him, but it was too late. He was overboard and here she was looking down at him. "DOCTOR!"

Frantically she looked around for something to toss towards him. Surely there was some kind of life preserver or vest in the TARDIS. It seemed to have everything else. She felt like it would take too long to look for something and stuck her hand out. "Take my hand!"

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He could swim in most incarnations. This one appeared to be a bit too long-limbed to get any real swimming power, but he paddled along, reaching out his arm for Amy.

"So much for dignity," he sputtered. "But I suppose I've done far worse, like the time---"

Something thick and scaly wrapped around his left leg, and suddenly the Doctor found himself being dragged under the strange, alien water.

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A surge or relief washed over her when she saw that he was able to paddle along. After what he said, Amy had no intention of diving in after him. There was no use in either of them getting eaten by some strange alien. When he reached for her hand, she took a hold of it and started to pull him aboard the TARDIS.

"You're right, it could be---"

Her eyes widened once more and she braced her hand on the TARDIS. She used the other to try and pull him back up. "Don't let go!"

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He was being pulled under. He felt sharp teeth dig into the flesh of his leg, and he struggled to keep a grip on Amy. It was one of those monsters, one of those creatures, and it appeared to have arrived with a few of its fellows.

They were too strong. He'd pull Amy down with him.

He took in a deep gulp of air, and let go.

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Terror came over her and she could feel tears starting to burn at her eyes. Why did he let go? She almost had him up and they could have dealt with the creatures in the TARDIS. She paced around the door and looked down to see if there was anything she could to or see.

She had no idea if the screwdriver worked under water and in a frenzy she started to look around for something that could help her.

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The oar was really not very effective against the serpent. Under the water, everything seemed murky, alive with plant and animal material swimming around him. The creature, which was about six times larger than he'd originally thought, had his leg tight in its grip.

He kicked and flailed and eventually broke the surface of the water, just in time to cry out "Amelia!" before being pulled back down.

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"Doctor!" she cried out as she made her way back to the door. This time she had some rope and was attempting to fasten it into a lasso so she could wrap it around him and anchor it on the TARDIS.